Posted on 4 April 2016
Prof dr. F. Abbas (professor of periodontics University of Groningen) spoke at the CME conference about the Point-of-Care Diagnostics of periodontitis.

Periodontitis has a multifactorial etiology with a periodontal microflora as the primary driver of the process. The genetically determined immune response has a major impact on the course of the disease process and the amount of tissue damage. Diagnostics traditionally focuses on defining already been damaged. Determining genetic predisposition is possible, but only gives a risk assessment and does not mean that periodontal disease actually occurs. Bacteriological tests can also have a predictive value, but are mainly used to determine the therapeutic course.

The ideal test system enables disease activity fixed before tissue damage has occurred, is not to perform invasive and simple to the use at the chair (point-of-care).

A new biochemical salivatest, PerioSafe is introduced for fast chairside diagnosis. In this lecture the PerioSafe test will be discussed as an potential for screening in the oral care. What requirements should we appoint to an ideal test system for the diagnostics of periodontitis before damage is clinical visible?

Through this link you can view the entire lecture.

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  • Sometimes a peri-implant infection starts as an"peri-cementitis'. The primary cause of the inflammation is then cement and not plaque, because the cement remains in place under the crown.