Posted on 3 October 2016
Sometimes a peri-implant infection starts as an"peri-cementitis'. The primary cause of the inflammation is then cement and not plaque, because the cement remains in place under the crown.
In this peri-cementitis case you can easily see the difference between the use of a PerioSafe test (for normal dentition) or of the ImplantSafe test (for the detection of active AMMP-8 around implants).

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Peter van der Schoor is a dentist implantologist and lecturer in the field of oral implantology. Peter gives since 1986 courses and lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. He is also frequently consulted as a troubleshooter for various implantsystems.
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  • NZa promotes prevention of oral care: Official NZa code for preventive saliva test On Thursday 22 June 2017, the Dutch Healthcare Authority published the performances and rates for dentistry as of 1 January 2018. Most tariffs increase by 2.7%. For implantation treatments this is 2.6%, as well as for orthodontics. Furthermore, the NZa has announced that there will be an adjustment for the preventive code, M32.