Posted on 4 October 2017
Implacademy provides an accredited training program

For a long time, injections with botox and fillers were a gray area. The law did not clearly state which target group these treatments were allowed to apply. When dentists started in this area, they initially met with a lot of resistance from the established medical order.

There has been a reversal in recent years: since there has been a specialized additional training and a guideline published by the NVDFE, dentists are increasingly being regarded as the designated professional group. We visited Implacademy, the only accredited training institute in the field of injectables.

About W.P. van der Schoor

Peter van der Schoor is a dentist implantologist and lecturer in the field of oral implantology. Peter gives since 1986 courses and lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. He is also frequently consulted as a troubleshooter for various implantsystems.
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