Posted on 11 January 2018
An implantologist who wants to prevent implantation. That is Peter van der Schoor, dental implantologist at Tandartsenpraktijk Garderen and
co-distributor of PerioSafe.
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"Since one and a half years, the PerioSafe saliva test has been used in his practice to recognize the early stages of periodontitis. "A dentist or dental hygienist is of course good at recognizing a deviation in the teeth, but then the breakdown / damage has already taken place. With the PerioSafe Biomarker test we can demonstrate the active degradation process, even before damage is visible in the mouth".

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aMMP-8 enzyme
"We screen saliva, in fact the crevicular fluid, with the PerioSafespeekseltest," explains Van der Schoor. "This way we can demonstrate whether the aMMP-8 enzyme is activated, which indicates an active inflammatory process in the supporting tissue around the teeth and molars. In this way, we can establish within five minutes whether a patient is 'at risk', but what that looks like is actually a kind of pregnancy test: one line does not mean an increased risk, two lines means an increased aMMP-8 value, which is not the case. an active degradation process.

"Because there is a link between periodontitis and other systemic diseases, the saliva test can also be used in other medical professions to detect active gum disease. "Periodontitis is a gum disease that causes the body to trigger the immune system 24 hours a day. As soon as we discover this in the mouth and the mouth starts to 'leak', bacteria, leukocytes, but more important cytokines (inflammatory mediators) can continue to spread to the bloodstream. This can lead to vein decalcification or narrowing of the veins. It is known that this can lead to cardiovascular diseases in the long run. "In the test phase, 260 patients aged 30 and over were tested over three practices. "At first glance, these patients were unhappy at first sight, but 40% of the patients tested positive and were therefore in an active periodontal breakdown process, which could be a precursor of periodontitis."

About W.P. van der Schoor

Peter van der Schoor is a dentist implantologist and lecturer in the field of oral implantology. Peter gives since 1986 courses and lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. He is also frequently consulted as a troubleshooter for various implantsystems.
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